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My Gran Move

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Hi there!
I´ve got happy when I found a forum related to daihatsu, so I hope I could make new friends here and share my comments and opinnions about the daihatsus.

I own a 1998 Daihatsu Gran Move (aka Pyzar). My family always had a daihatsu at home, since the charmant in 1981-1993, a Rocky Wagon in 1993, and then we moved to a Applause until 1996. We bought the Gran Move because It looked to be very practical and unique.

Also, I have survived to a car crash with the Gran Move.

My Bit on the side !!

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Been going in and out of this site since the end of last year, without really contributing much.Mainly due to time constraints.What does surprise me is that seems to mention off.roading their"trucks" Ive had my Fourtrak Independent for close on 5 years now,and wouldnt change it for anything..except maybe a newer one !Its a 95 Independent TDX in silver,and when I bought it,was as new with 38k on the clock,and the previous owner was a retired guy who had never taken it over anything rougher than a caravan it really was pristine.

my search for a car

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Well I’m looking for a car and have decided to get one of these, a Daihatsu Mira TRXX Avanzarto R4, a what u may ask well that’s the same question what i have been asking. From what I have learnt it is a 4x4 Mria (cuore), with a turbo and an intercooler, and it kicks out 64bhp out of a 660cc engine. and is capable of catapulting the car from 0-60 in 8.3 seconds. but this isn’t enough for me I want to know more about the car. so my search goes on but maybe someone out there can help.


A love affair

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I have recently aquired a 1984 Diahatsu Charmant. I drove past this car twice before stopping to have a closer look. I had heard about the car and it belonged to a friend whose Aunty (who previously owned the car) had recently passed away leaving him the car.
However I went in to have a closer look and then a test drive.
I confess I had to rub my eyes, this was no old banger this was a time machine , it had, until recently, retained even the plastic factory covers on the seats. The only apparant blemishes were a cracked rear light glass and the nearside mirror case.

A paid Club membership?

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Just wondering would anyone be interested in a paid club membership? Obviously this wouldn't just be for access to the site as that would stay free. But for a more traditional style owners club. Involving newsletters, extra members only areas on site, possible meets, and if can wing it, discount on car insurance. Plus anything else I can think of which would be viable. Smiling

If you have any ideas for the site then also please let me know as your ideas are needed!

Information about Daihatsu's

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As you may have noticed a new link in the top menu has appeared called "the vehicles" this is the part of the site which has all the info about each model, branching off into specifications, modifications, FAQ, hint and tips of what to look out for with things that go wrong, etc. Obviously only owning a Sportrak I am having trouble with knowing anything about the other models so if anyone has anything they think could be added then privatemsg me!

Now supports Private Messaging

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The site now supports Private Messaging over the site. You will see in your member box that a new option has appeared called inbox. This obivously will contain any messages sent to you.

To send a message to someone you can do it 2 ways.

Rough Idling

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Our 95 Sporty developed a mind of its own when Idling - anything between 650 to 1k (indicated).

Cured by securing throttle cable, lube (WD40 or similar)on throttle body arm and assosiated linkages, and strip air valve actuator (Under rubber boot) and light oil applied again.

Job Done. Rock steady 650 rpm.

Gallery now fully working

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I have fixed most the bugs in the sites code (hopefully) so the gallery should now be working. Smiling

You should hopefully even be able to upload your own pictures into the gallery so get a picture of your Daihatsu into the gallery and remember to add a caption to say who's it is. Smiling

Also we have a For Sale section in the gallery, however hopefully a proper classifieds section will appear in the near future.

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