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I have tried Daihatsu UK,Belgium,&Holland all 2 no avail 2 obtain info on the above engine.I should like 2 know the weight, dimensions,rotation of crank, BHP,& torque.This is 2 enable me 2 judge whether it is suitable 2 fit into a motorcycle,I certainly believe that it should be!!!!

yrv models

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been looking for a model of the yrvfor a while now and was coming up a blank....: Sad
but i have found one! Smiling (three to be exact) if you go to this companies home page (most of its in japanese! they are based in yokohama)-
scroll down about a third and you will see 'daihatsu' surrounded by japanese enter on that and you will see them.......
you can get black, silver or red. They are a toy they have a pull back motor but are quite well detailed even down to bonnet scoop and panoramic roof! Evil

Glossary of English / German motoring terms

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In a resent news letter from the reject 4x4 club I found this page that I found rather amusing

Glossary of English / German motoring terms,

Indicators--die blinkenleiten tocken tocken,
Bonnet--pullknob und knucklechopper,
Speedometer--der egobooster und linenshooter,
Clutch--die kuplink mit schlippen und shaken,
Puncture--die phaltt mit bludyfukken,

Chat Room launched!

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We are proud to announce that we have launched our chat room! Not sure how successful it'll be in practice, but hopefully it will make like much easier for people to meet up and start chatting away. The button for the chat is in the bottom left of every single page. So you can still browse the web while the chat is open in its own little Window!

And yes the uploading of images is still broken Sad

off road time

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it is two weeks till my local off road track opens again Smiling on the 7th of march and i was onedering if enyone would like to come down to kent and have a muddy day, at woodlands 4x4 to find out how to get there go to:- its £20 to play all day hope to see you there get back soon.

Offroading event

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Thats right we are now organising the first Offroading event since the site switched to Daihatsu Drivers last year. As we are all spread over the country the fairest way to decide on a date and place was decided to be by listing all the dates and places from the most popular Offroading venues as mentioned in the forums and see which one wins the most votes. Though might use a different method in future.

Gallery latest Update

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I have put on almost all the images from the old gallery now. Some may have slipped through the net and I have also purposely not put a couple on because I thought the users may prefer to upload them into their own personal gallerys.

Many of the pictures are marked as having no owner (Labelled Anonymous Coward) because the old gallery never supplied names of who uploaded them. So if you want to claim a image to be altered to you being the owner then simply use the sites messaging system to ask me, and I will be more than happy to do it.

Gallery Update

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I have been forced to update the gallery software on the site to a completely different script. In some aspects its better and in some it is missing a couple of features but it should work fine. Also the update has added a brand new feature of personal gallerys! Which means you have have a couple of images in the main gallery of your Daihatsu and have even more in your own personal gallery which people have the option of looking at if they click on your username.

Monster truck Madness!!!

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Browsing eBay I came across a Daihatsu Rocky (Sportrak / Feroza) Monster truck!!! I obviously emailed the seller for the original pictures and you can now see them in the gallery in it's own Album!!

I would recommend everyone have a look and drool.

Service Manuals for sale

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Want the Sportrak Workshop manual on CD? Maybe the Sportrak Full service manual? Or even the Fourtrak one? Well you can buy one here!

You can have the Sportrak Workshop Manual, Sportrak Service Manual, Fourtrak Service Manual, or a super CD with the Sportrak Service manual AND Fourtrak Service manual on!! Read more to see the buttons to buy them online!

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