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Moderators wanted

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With the increase of spammers and looking at the last time the current Moderators Mike and Dave H last logged in, it is very clear that Mike no longer uses the site as last logged in over 2 years ago, and has been 6 months since Dave H's last login, that need 2 more moderators.

Subscriptions now disabled.

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I have currently disabled the ability to subscribe to anything on the site as I have noticed that overnight its been going mad and sending out loads of emails to people about whole load of posts whether they've subscribed to them or not.

Use Facebook to login or join Daihatsu Drivers

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As Facebook is one of the world largest Social Networking sites, we thought it would be a good idea to allow people to use Facebook to login or join the site. Simply click on the Facebook Connect button in the right hand corner before you logon.

Daihatsu Drivers Clothing and Accessories Store now open!

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We are pleased to announce that the Daihatsu Drivers Clothing and Accessories Store is now open. We have a variety of tops for men and women, also accessories such as Umbrella, Scarf, and even some underwear. Smiling Visit the store now at

New article about Bio Fuel

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Site member assassin as written an excellent article about the Facts of Bio Fuel. This is essential reading for any Daihatsu Owner using, or considering the usage of any type of Bio Fuel.

You can get to the article here

New forum section for Bio Diesel, Veg Oil, and Bio Fuels.

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Due to popular demand, a recent increase in posts relating to the subject and the recent interest generally recently in Biodiesel and Bio Fuels, we now have a new forum section relating to Bio-fuels. So if you want to know about, or want to discuss using Bio Diesel and Vegetable Oil in your Diesel Daihatsu, you now have a dedicated place to ask away!

Daihatsu Drivers now on Facebook!

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Facebook is an Internet Phenomenon, so its only right that Daihatsu Owners in the UK can chat with eachother, so the Daihatsu Drivers UK group has been born! You can either search for the group within Facebook or if you are already logged in simply click the following link.

Daihatsu Drivers, iPhone and iPod Touch icon!

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Admittedly it probably won't apply to many of you, however since Apple released latest software for iPhone (1.1.3) and iPod Touch, users can now bookmark any site onto their devices main menu. As a result I have created a special icon which will show up rather than a tacky snapshot of the page.

Server Move Completed!

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Have now completed the move over to the new server with a new hosting company which should improve any speed issues. Might take upto 72 hours for people to see the site on the new server each time. Have put notice on the old server so if you get that one, you'll know about it. Smiling

Have also fixed issue with comments on the new server which didn't spot until people tried to use it. Smiling

Plans to resolve the site issues.

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As pretty much all of you will have noticed the site nowadays has been running increasingly slower. After asking for some of you to provide feedback on what you are using to view the site and your experience it appears that no matter what Operating System, Web Browser, and connection type you are using the site is slow.

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