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3 new How It Works articles

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Assassin as shared his expertise again and written 3 new How It Works articles. This time they concentrate on vehicle wiring and the wiring of vehicles. They are definitely worth reading should you be tempted to do anything with vehicle electrics.

Downloadable Service Manuals now live!

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You can now purchase instantly downloadable versions of the service manuals on the site. Simply click the Service Manuals option in the menu bar and you will be able to purchase downloadable version without having to wait and pray that a CD version manages to reach you without the postman "acquiring it" because its CD shaped

New how it works Article

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We have another new article written by site member assassin. The new article is called "Off Road Modifications – Intermediate". Check it out in the How It Works section of the site.

2 new How It Works articles

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Site member assassin as written us 2 new How it Works articles called Communication and the other Off Road Vehicle Modifications. You can access them by clicking on the How It Works link in the main menu bar.

Introducing 2 new moderators

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I am pleased to announce that we have 2 new moderators who will help in monitoring the site, and keeping things running how we all like. The moderators are ews and smokin. Remember if you have any problems with the site you can contact me or either ews or smokin who should hopefully be able to help.

Site downtime

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As some of you will have noticed the site has been down for the past few days. This was due to a glitch in the database, and as I am away from my own computer at the moment so have been unable to fix it until now.

Moderators wanted

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With the increase of spammers and looking at the last time the current Moderators Mike and Dave H last logged in, it is very clear that Mike no longer uses the site as last logged in over 2 years ago, and has been 6 months since Dave H's last login, that need 2 more moderators.

Subscriptions now disabled.

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I have currently disabled the ability to subscribe to anything on the site as I have noticed that overnight its been going mad and sending out loads of emails to people about whole load of posts whether they've subscribed to them or not.

Use Facebook to login or join Daihatsu Drivers

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As Facebook is one of the world largest Social Networking sites, we thought it would be a good idea to allow people to use Facebook to login or join the site. Simply click on the Facebook Connect button in the right hand corner before you logon.

Daihatsu Drivers Clothing and Accessories Store now open!

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We are pleased to announce that the Daihatsu Drivers Clothing and Accessories Store is now open. We have a variety of tops for men and women, also accessories such as Umbrella, Scarf, and even some underwear. Smiling Visit the store now at

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